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March 26, 2012
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You stood alone, off to the side of the dance floor, people watching. You were a relatively new country, and for the most part the other countries ignored you. It wasn't as if you were lonely or anything-or so you told yourself to keep from crying. However it would be nice to have someone to talk to for a while. But you refused to dwell on that. You simply continued to watch the other countries as they enjoyed the party.

Watching the others smile and laugh and talk made you feel less alone, and brought a small, sad smile to your face. You watched as England tried to get America to behave like a gentleman, though how England figured strangling your ally was gentleman-like you would never know. Germany was yelling at his brother, Prussia, for getting drunk and then beaten up by Hungary. And off in one corner there were the Italy brothers; Italy was saying something to Romano, who simply started yelling in response. You chuckled. That was so like Romano. Your gaze turned fond as you watched the object of your affections, and then, realizing what you were doing and thinking, you turned away blushing. There was no way a man like that would ever go for a girl like you, ever. So you figured why get your hopes up.

"Bonjour, (country name). Are you in need of some company for ze evening?" An annoying French accent sounded from off to your right. You rolled your eyes. When you asked for someone to talk to, this was not what you meant.

"Not YOUR kind of company, France." You growled, attempting to brush him off and walk away.

"Ah, cherie. Do not be so 'asty." France's hand latched firmly onto your wrist, whirling you around so that you faced him. "You are new and small and ignored. You need a friend-an ally, non? Someone who can protect you from those who wish to take advantage of you. I 'ave time to spare on such a petite femme. I would only require your...shall we say, cooperation?" He leered at you, leaning in to nuzzle your neck.

"No means no, frog-face! No remove yourself from my personal space before I injure you!" You bluffed. You couldn't do much. You both knew it.

"Ai do not sink zo, cherie. We should go zomewhere more private, oui?" He began to drag you by your wrist, face still burried in your neck, licking and nipping now. You began to panic.

"Let me go!" You were loud, but still no one heard you. No one cared enough to hear you. Or so you thought. A pair of endless brown Italian eyes looked up from their arguing, watching what was happening to you with displeasure. Their owner began to think about beating the crap out of the Frenchman dragging you away, but his brother returned to bothering him before he could make up his mind.

"Non. You will be mine." France sneered, lifting his head from your neck and moving to claim your lips.

"I SAID NO!" Your fear made you stronger. Your knee moved on it's own, slamming into France's crotch with more strength than you ever thought you could posses. France doubled over in pain and you bolted out the patio doors and into the garden. Your feet moved of their own accord, taking you away from the party, away from France, and away from the cold-hearted countries that didn't even care enough to pay you a sideways glace. Before you knew it, you had run deep into the hedge maze behind the luxurious hotel, and you were lost. It was dark out, except for the small sliver of a moon that peeked out at you behind the clouds. To you it felt like there could be any number of demons and ghouls waiting for you in the shadows, you slowed to a walk, peering cautiously around every corner you took as you moved deeper into the maze, getting more and more lost along the way.

"Cherie! You will pay for zat!" France hollered, having followed you into the maze once he could get up. From the confines of the maze it was impossible to know where the voice was coming from. You kept moving, figuring he must be behind you. However, as you skittered around one corner, you bumped right into the Frenchman you were trying to escape.

"So 'ere you are, (country name)." France pressed close to you, as you backed into a corner, his hands on your shoulders. You were trapped. "You 'ave not been very pleasant to me zis evening, mon amour. It is time you made zat up to me, non?" He reached forward, trailing his hand down your neck to cup the back of your head and force you into a kiss. It was sloppy and wet and uncomfortable. As his tongue tried to wiggle it's way into your mouth you bit it as hard as you could. France backed up with a curse, somehow finding it in himself to grab the back of your hair and send you flying to the dirt pathway with a single, hard yank. You cried out in fear and pain as France crawled on top of you, tearing off your dress in the process. You were glad you had worn your black slip this evening, as you were still mostly covered. France pressed wet kisses down your neck and began to bite your collar bone.

"St-stop it, France! Stop it!" You cried out, attempting to kick out again. France pinned your lower half down with your hips and tears began to spill from your eyes. "Ro-romano..." You whimpered quietly, shocking yourself and France. Why you called out for him, you would never now. France just sneered at you grotesquely and continued to attack your neck with kisses. You wriggled and sobbed beneath him, praying for all this to just end.

"Oi, bastardo! Is that any way to treat a ragazza?" A voice sounded from behind you. You tilted your head back to look at the newcomer, and were shocked to see dark auburn hair, a flyaway curl and beatiful brown eyes. Romano. Why was he here?

"Oh, come of it, mon ami. Leave us to our fun." France growled.

"Fun? Are you having fun ragazza?" He addressed you.

"N-no." You stuttered.

"Well, bastardo, you heard her, she doesn't want this. Get off her!" Romano took a step forward and France scrambled to his feet to face his challenger. With the weight pinning you gone, you rolled over and crawled underneath one of the benches off to the side. You watched in fear as the confrontation continued.

"Honhonhon, little Romano, what are you going to do?" France chuckled. Romano just glared at him and shocked both you and France as he pulled a gun from the small of his back, cocking it and pointing it at the startled man's forehead.

"Get out of here, filthy stronzo. And don't let me see you bothering (country name) again, you stupid frog!" The Italian snarled, his finger curling threateningly around the trigger of his gun. France started shaking and turned tail, fleeing like the coward he was. Romano returned the gun to it's holster and turned his attention to you.

"You can come out now." He said, looking at you expectantly. You really wanted to, but something held you back and you just burrowed deeper into your hiding spot. Romano tapped his toes impatiently.

"Get out here already, idioto ragazza!" He snapped. You jumped at the harsh words and began cowering again. He sighed.

"Listen, I didn't mean to...I" He turned red, and you realized he was trying to apologize. You crawled slowly out from under the bench and stood to face him, unsure what to do next, your arms crossed protectively across your chest. He smiled a little at you and removed his coat, stepping forward awkwardly.

"Look, I'm not going to hurt you...or anything..s-so....uh..." You wanted to chuckle at his lack of words, but just nodded. He gently draped the coat over your shoulders, buttoning it up for you when you found your hands were shaking too hard. He noticed the shaking and frowned worriedly.

"H-hey, it's...alright. It's over d-down, OK?" He said, rubbing the back of his head, wondering if it would be inappropriate to hug you.

"I's just....that was...never mind." You muttered, not wanting to say out loud how afraid you had been. "Why did you even bother with me, Romano?"

"Wh-what do you mean by that? Do you really think I'm enough of a bastardo to leave a bella signora alone in a situation like that?" He glared at you.

" one else really're the first." You looked down at your feet sadly, still shaking. His eyes softened again and he approached you slowly.

"W-well..I'm sorry for that, bella." He hesitantly wrapped one arm loosely around your shoulder, pulling you towards him. His grip on you tightened as you collapse against him, shaking and finally let yourself cry.

"Th-that was scary...." You whimpered. His other arm wound it's way around you, pulling you closer to his chest, and he rested his cheek in your hair.

"'s over now, alright? E 'bene." His hand moved slowly up your back, rubbing gently. He wasn't used to comforting, and all he could think was that he hoped he was doing OK. You relaxed against his chest, wrapping your arms around him in return, and breathed in his intoxicating scent of tomatoes and earth and spices.

"Thank you, Romano." Your words came out muffled by his chest.

"Lovino." He said, and you blinked owlishly up at him, not understanding. "M-my name...Lovino Vargas." He clarified. You were shocked. He was the first country to entrust you with their real name. You smiled happily up at him, glad to have finally found a friend.

"(Name, Last Name)" You answered back and he returned your smile.

"W-well, (Name) I know this may be a little can come stay with me and my idioto fratello if you like." He said, blushing. "I mean, France won't give up so easy, and I heard Russia talking to himself about how you were going to become one with him...and I just think it if you...had someone to...take care of...and ya'know...protect you."

"B-but why would you do that for me..."

"I kind of....likeyouok?" He said the last part so fast you couldn't understand a word of it. So you looked up at him confused until he repeated himself.

" you..." He said it quietly, but clearly, so you heard him this time.

"Really?" You laid your head back on his chest.

"Wh...well...I..uh...yeah, really. Why the hell would I say it and not mean it?!" He sputtered, and you found that you liked the way his chest rumbled against your cheek when he spoke.

"I like you too." You answered. "I have since I met you." He smiled down at you and you felt a gentle hand underneath your chin, lifting it so that you met his gaze. His beautiful Italian brown eyes seemed to glow in the ever-so-slight moonlight, and the gentle smile he was giving you nearly made you swoon. His hand tilted your head to the side before his lips met yours. The kiss was just like Romano, a little rough, but very sweet. You melted the moment your lips first touched. Your hands somehow wound up in his hair, his hands on your waist, and you kissed him back with all the passion you could muster. Eventually you felt his tongue sweeping along your lower lip, and you opened up eagerly, allowing him to explore every inch of your mouth. The kiss was finally broken when neither of you could hold your breath for another second. You both gasped for air and he rested his forehead against yours, your noses brushing. His eyes glowed with open affection, a rare sight for him, and your heart swelled at the sight.

"Let's go home, bella." Romano said softly.

"That sounds nice."

"O-of course first we have to find our way out of this damn maze…" Romano growled, suddenly realizing how lost you both were. You chuckled, twining your fingers with his and pressing a soft kiss to his lips.

"I think we can figure it out." You said, leading him off in some random direction. You'd find your way out eventually. He didn't even protest, just let you lead him through the maze.

It took about an hour but finally you two ended up at the exit of the maze. Romano wrapped his arm around your shoulders as you reentered the building, giving the still frightened France a warning glare as you walked past him.

"Vee~ Fratello! Where have you been?" Italy chirped as he bounced up to the two of you. "And who is the bella ragazza you have with you?"

"This is (Name), stupido, and she's staying with us from here on out." He growled at his brother. You smiled at Italy, he seemed really nice.

"It's nice to meet you, vee~. You can call me Feliciano or Feli if you like, bella." Italy took your hand and shook it ecstatically. You laughed at his giddiness, but Romano just glowered.

"Let's go, fratello. (Name)'s had a long night, and I'm freaking exhausted. Let's go home." Romano led you out to their car, climbing into the back seat with you, followed by Italy. The driver didn't even comment on the extra presence, just got in and drove. On the way home you felt your eyelids grow heavier and heavier. Eventually you just gave up and leaned on Romano's shoulder, drifting easily off to sleep.

You stirred reluctantly as you felt two arms lifting you up gently. You blinked confusedly at Romano, who smiled at you.

"J-just go back to sleep, bella." He looked away, but you still saw the blush that stained his face as you settled against his chest and let yourself float away again. You were only vaguely aware of being settled beneath the soft covers of a blanket. You felt the mattress shift underneath you as Romano crawled into bed with you, his arms pulling you against his chest. You fell back asleep to the smell of tomatoes, earth and spices and a soft, albeit awkward whisper of "Ti amo, bella." not my best...I actually kind of hate it a little...but I figured I'd post it anyway and let ya'll decide if it is just...crap or not. :)

Also I still do not own Hetalia....or you........or the epic preview picture
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Ayumi-Haruka 1 day ago  Student Artisan Crafter
sami scared (icon) S-somethings k-kinda t-t-told m-me n-n-not t-o g-o n-n-near f-f-f-france....O-oh m-my i-its a-a n-n-nice s-story b-b-by t-the w-w-way sami scared (icon) ( i think  i'll have endless nightmares about f-france )
*fangirling like crazy for no reason*
otakumapp Mar 22, 2014  New member
But I'm like Russia's adoptive sister....
(My oc is Brazil , but because she's so intimidating they were best friends)
Soooo... Wouldn't that be incest?
:iconcreepybelarusplz: Not that there's anything wrong with that.. Hehe...
( if the icon didn't load up, it was creepy belarus)
sonichetaliafan97 Feb 20, 2014  New member Hobbyist General Artist
Yay lovino~
not your best? I'm a little worried that if it was your best France would be dead..... It was still awesome though!!!
souleater12191 Jan 11, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
France you pervert!!!
aquarin02 Dec 16, 2013  Student Writer
Not you best? Are you kidding!? That was better than best! (For me though =3) :iconyayromanoplz:
Whiteraven271100 Dec 11, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Nowpe, Romano owns me now *dies from blood loss*
UndertakerMikki Dec 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
AWWWWWWWFrance emote 
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