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March 20, 2012
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(Contains: nudity and sexual themes)

You'd finally allowed the "awesome" Prussia to take you out on that date. He'd been bugging and pestering you about this ever since Italy had introduced you to him and his brother, three weeks ago. You were a bit ashamed that your will had broken, and you'd actually allowed someone to harrass you into dating them, but you had to admit that the day had been really fun. Somehow you'd let yourself be talked into meeting Prussia at a paintball field. By the end of the afternoon you were both covered in paint and no one was sure who had won. You'd gone back home to clean up before dinner, and Prussia had sat outside the bathroom door the entire time you were showering, laughing that creepy laugh of his and making strange remarks about vital regions. Then he hopped in the shower, and proceeded to invite you to watch. You hid out in the room farthest from your bathroom and waited.

You had nearly died when Prussia came out of the bathroom. He was wearing black denim pants and his cross necklace, was missing shoes and a shirt, and was still tousling his hair dry with one of your towels. You tried hard not to let him see you stare, as his ego was big enough already, but he noticed anyway smirking at you, then pulled a deep blue button up shirt over his head, and slid into some shoes and socks.

"We can always stay here if you'd rather, ____" He said, still smirking. You rolled your eyes and headed for the door. He'd taken you out to a small local diner where you had eaten and talked for hours. Following which you went out for a couple of beers, and though you could hold your alcohol, you kept yourself to a strict two drink limit, to prevent any slips in judgment later. Driving home, Prussia had taken the back roads, playing music from your MP3 players, singing along, and talking. It seemed you never ran out of things to talk about. And then you ended up where you were now, on the front porch of your house, debating with yourself on what you wanted to do next. You wanted to kiss him. God you wanted to kiss him. But kissing might lead to other things, and if it did, you were worried that he wouldn't be there when you woke up. That he would love you and leave you, like your mother had always said men do.

Trying to make up your mind, you fumbled with your keys, ever aware of the red eyes focused on your back. You jumped as a hand covered yours, helping you to turn the key in the lock and shove the door open. As you turned to thank him, a soft pair of lips decended upon your own and a strong arm slid around your waist, pulling you close. Your eyes widened in shock, then drifted closed as waves of heat and electricity flowed through every corner of your being. The kiss was slow, and unbelievably soft, almost tentative or experimental. As you broke the kiss, Prussia lowered his head so that his lips were just below your ear.

"I promise _____," He whispered, sending shivers down your spine. "I promise I'll still be there when you wake up." Your jaw almost dropped at the words, had he been reading your mind? You looked into his eyes, trying to find any hint of insincerity in them. None. He meant it.

"_______" The way he said your name made your body tingle and your resistance broke. You turned to face him fully and pressed your lips together again. You could feel him grin against your lips, and he scooped you up bridal style and carried you into the house, locking the door behind him. He broke the kiss so that he could toss his shoes aside and you toed off your own. Seconds later, your coats found themselves tossed in the general direction of a coat hook. Then somehow you were on the couch, Prussia had you pressed against the arm of the couch, and was straddling your hips, lips locked in a searing kiss. His tongue tickled your lower lip, but you playfully refused him entrance. In retaliation, Prussia took one hand from the couch arm and ghosted it across your abdomen, leaving ticklish goose bumps in the wake of his touch. You gasped a bit at the sudden touch, and that was all the chance Prussia needed to slip his tongue into your mouth and deepen the kiss.

You moaned softly into his mouth as he explored yours, and wound your arms tightly around his neck, pulling him closer. As one hand brushed against his pale hair, you were surprised at how soft it was, and could no longer contain the urge to bury your fingers in it. Prussia groaned a bit as you wound his white locks of hair around your fingers and gave them a gentle tug. He pressed closer to you and slipped his free hand under your shirt, pressing his palm into the small of your back. You broke apart when the need for air could no longer be ignored, and Prussia lowered his head to your neck. He kissed a trail downwards, each touch of his lips lighting fire to your skin. You moaned as he found your sweet spot, tightening your grip on his hair. He chuckled, laved his tongue over the area and bit down gently, then he continued blazing a trail lower, until he was licking and nipping at your collar bone. Red eyes looked up suddenly, and Prussia smirked again at the sight of your dazed expression. At this point you were shocked you could even remember your own name, and this man knew it.

"Enjoying yourself, liebe?" He teased, pulling away to survey your face better.

"Shut up and kiss me, albino." You growled, pulling at his hair again. The Prussian man was more than happy to oblige, and he crashed his lips against yours once again. This kiss seemed endless, and you lost yourself in it. Your tongues grappled for dominance, but finally you just surrendered to Prussia, allowing him to continue his exploration of your mouth. You groaned in protest as he broke the kiss, only to switch to moaning as his breath fanned across your belly. He pushed the bottom of your shirt up with his nose and began to kiss the newly exposed flesh, occasionally pressing a gentle bite to certain areas. You tightened your hold on his hair and closed your eyes as pleasure took over your entire body.

Presently, his lips returned to yours, and he scooped you up again, toting you easily into the bedroom, and sitting down on the edge of the bed, arranging you so that you were straddling his hips. You held your arms up above your head, allowing him to slip the shirt off and toss it, forgotten and unneeded, into a corner. You blushed under his heated gaze, and you looked away, unable to meet Prussia's eyes. Soft fingers trailed along your cheek, returning your gaze to his, and lips pressed tender kisses along your jaw line.

"You're beautiful, liebe." Prussia's voice was husky and low. "Beautiful." He repeated the word for emphasis, his lust darkened eyes looking directly into yours. Then lips once again began to feast on your neck, his hands lowering themselves to your hips, pulling them against his. You let out yet another moan as your so called "vital regions" rubbed against each other. You tilted your head back to allow the man better access to your neck, and ground your hips against his again, as his hold on your ass tightened. You kept one hand wound in that silky hair, tugging on it periodically, and let the other trail downwards to work on the buttons of his shirt. Before too long Prussia's shirt followed yours into a corner and you ran your hand over his bare chest and broad shoulders. His lips found that spot on your neck again, and began to pay special attention to it, licking, nipping, sucking. You were sure there'd be a mark there for a few days, but you didn't care. Your fingertips brushed lightly against a few scars, and you pulled his face away from your neck, so that you could press gentle kisses to each one of them. Prussia shuddered a bit, tightening his hold on you even more and groaning, and as you pressed a kiss right over his heart, he full on moaned and bucked his hips even harder against yours.

The next thing you knew you had been flipped backwards onto the mattress, and your bra had been flung over Prussia's shoulder. You were blushing furiously, but before you could move to cover yourself, Prussia's hands pinned your wrists down, and his lips began working their magic once more. He nipped at your neck and collar bone again, trailed kisses down the valley between your breasts, and as your embarrassment left you, he release your hands. You once again tangled one hand in his hair, the other hand toying with his necklace chain. Prussia continued down, pressing more kisses to your ribcage, and laving his tongue across your belly button. Hot, dark crimson eyes looked up, peering at you between locks of silvery hair. You couldn't manage to break his gaze, as he somehow undid the button and zipper of your jeans using only his mouth, then began to trail kisses back up your body. Finally he could resist no longer, and began to shower kisses over your breasts. You gripped his hair tighter, tugging at it, and began to writhe beneath him, bucking your hips against his. The next thing you knew your pants were gone, flung mindlessly onto the floor.

"Pr-prussia!" You whimpered his name as he took one firm nipple into his mouth, sucking and nipping at it. He stopped for a moment, and you looked down at him quizzically.

"It's Gilbert." He told you. "My real name is Gilbert."

"Gilbert." You repeated. He nodded, satisfied, and began his ministrations anew. Somehow his pants found their way to the floor and he was grinding desperately against you, and you were returning his passion full force. He ran his hands up your legs, and you loved the feel of his rough hands touching you so softly. Once again he ran kisses down the front of your body, and grabbed the eleastic of your panties between his teath, removing them and tossing them aside. Before you knew it, his boxers had followed.

"Ready, liebe?" He murmured huskily against your neck. You nodded.

"Just don't hurt me." It was his turn to nod. He knew it was your first time. He pressed into you as gently as he could, but tears still sprung to your eyes as your body stretched around him. Gilbert kissed the tears away, and began kissing your neck and breasts again until the pain receded and you instructed him to move. One thrust and you lost your grip on reality. You wrapped your legs around his middle and clung to him mindlessly, moaning endlessly. He continued to kiss you everywhere, and you ran your hands up and down his back. His hands settled on your hips, holding you close.

"Gi-gilbert! A-aah!" You practically screamed his name as you reached your climax, and your name was a wild cry on his lips as he followed you over the edge not even a second later. With a shiver, Gilbert collapsed sideways onto the bed, pulling you against his chest. You could hear his heart beating frantically against your ear, and it must have been the best sound in the world. One of his hands played with your hair, and the other wound around your waist, rubbing soft circles on your back with his thumb. You soon began to drift off to sleep.

"Ich liebe dich, _____." He murmured in your ear, just before you floated away into oblivion. "See you in the morning."

"Love you too..." You managed to reply, before you tipped over the edge into sleep.
Ok...second thing I've added onto here and it's a lemon....good lord.... Oh, well! Enjoy! I do not own Hetalia or the picture...and as for you...well I think we all know who you belong to....
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